Our commitment to health and safety is overarching our supply of high standard produce and services. We constantly having our CDM ‘hat’ on, thinking ahead of any hazard or how we can improve our products for the benefit of better and safe working environment for our riggers.

About Us

What makes us special.

Ever since its inception, the company has specialised in the production of steel towers. Today, the company supplies various types of towers to a wide range of industries where quality and safety are top priorities.

We continuously develop our product range and adapt it to every need. All structures are structurally calculated and designed to meet current standards and official requirements.

Specialist projects are one of our core strengths. We design and customise new structures for one-off projects. Our very flexible production unit ensures that towers for customised projects are produced at consistently high quality – even when innovative production methods or set-ups are required.

RadTech supply towers to a wide variety of industries where quality and safety are top priorities.

For this reason, our primary products include:

  • Telecommunication towers, such as lattice towers, tubular towers, flagpoles and false chimneys.
  • Meteorological towers such as self-supporting towers, guy-wire towers for wind measurements. Onshore and offshore.
  • High-voltage towers and steel structures for high-voltage sub-stations.
  • Floodlight towers for illuminating public areas, roads and streets.
  • Overhead gantry signs for traffic information.
  • Telescopic towers for various applications.
  • Towers for small wind turbines.

What People Say

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Carl C lattice met masts, project managed by Radius Tech, will be deployed in the East Anglia Offshore Wind Zone!

The Wood Group has been awarded a GBP 17 million management contract to fabricate, install, commission, operate and maintain two weather monitoring stations off the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

The project will be handled by the Wood Group Kenny Business Unit that will include SqurrEnergy. SqurrEnergy will manage the supply, installation and commissioning of the full instrumentation, power and ancillary topside monitoring equipment using Carl C lattice met masts. Fabrication and offshore installation management of the monopile structure to support the equipment platform and met mast will be undertaken by Wood Group Kenny. Manufacture of the meteorological (met) masts will start in November 2012 and installation in the East Anglia Offshore Wind Zone is planned for summer 2013.

East Anglia Wind Zone.

Platform in 37m deep waters to validate wind conditions for the largest independent offshore wind demonstration site proposed in the UK.

The National Renewable Energy Centre, Narec, has completed the installation of an offshore research and anemometry platform, three nautical miles off the coast of Blyth, Northumberland, next to the nearest shore array of the proposed 100MW capacity Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstration Site.

Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstration Project


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