Communication Towers & Masts

A range of communication towers are available, ranging from small stubs of 3m all the way to 140m. Towers we manufacture are 3 legged, lattice, 4 legged lattice, monopoles, tubular streetworks, disquised towers like flag poles, etc. See further data sheets for the indvidual family. For the European market, we utilise Eurocode with the adition of national annex. Other design codes such as TIA can be provided on demand.

We perform the structural calculation of towers in-house, or collaborates with recognised external engineers with years of experience in the field of structural tower calculation for offshore and onshore environment.

For many years we have also gained massive experience in structural calculation of towers for demanding environments, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, ice thickness and dynamically impacted structures subject to fatigue in offshore environment.

To the right is a sample of our monopole family, ranging from stubs up to 45m with load capacity of single operator to full 5 operator share site. Deflection/Torsion below 0.5deg at 3sec gust wind upo to 30m/s basic wind speed.

20m CHS, single operator for KPM/Holland

20m monopole, single operator for NBNL/UK (‘ee’ and ‘3’)

Above is a typical CHS type tower (circular hollow structure). Tubular memebrs usually lend its self to a more economical solution. The drawback is a slightly wider footprint compared to a solid rod memebnr type tower.

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