Observation Towers

A range of observations towers are available at various heights and platform dimensions. See below some samples.

The tower body is usually of lattice design, square profile (4-legged) or equilietral triangle (3-legged).

Both options can be provided with internal or external ladder, with our without fall arrest system.

We perform the structural calculation of towers in-house, or collaborates with recognised external engineers with years of experience in the field of structural tower calculation for offshore and onshore environment.

For many years we have also gained massive experience in structural calculation of towers for demanding environments, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, ice thickness and dynamically impacted structures subject to fatigue in offshore environment.

To the right is a sample of our observaiton tower, also in this case serving as a communcation tower for VHF/UHF nearfield communication.

Close up of the internal access hatch for the platform

The tower in this case is fitted with an internal access ladder and fall asrrest system (not fitted). The access ladder is fitted with cable management system on each side of the ladder.

CE Label and torque marking of foundaiotn bolts and nuts

20m observation and communication tower at Northolt Airfield

Surface element of the foundation system

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