We supply both self-supporting met towers and guy-wire masts. Towers are predomilatly of triangular lattice construction. They are bolted to a foundation template (supplied by us) that is embedded in a concrete base.

Most self-supporting met towers are assembled on the ground and lifted into place in one action using a mobile crane. A second, smaller crane, is usually used to off-load the mast from the delivery lorry and manoeuvre the sections during assembly.

Guy-wire masts can be erected a section at a time with the help of a crane or by using a ‘jib stick’ to hoist the sections into place.

Offshore met towers are usually assembled on the dockside before shipping to the platform. We are often asked to supply additional equipment, sometimes of a bespoke nature, for use on the tower, platform or even on the sea bed!

We can install every type of instrument and, if required, carry out very precise wind vane alignment.

Helicopter installation of an 80m  met-tower CarlC Series MET in northern Norway

CarlC tower series 80m, CarlC Series B450 installation for Viking Energy,  Shetland Islands/UK

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