Telescopic Towers

The medium duty telescopic tower range TES21 and TES15 is part of a family of towers designed to the latest BS, EU, DS and SE structural design specification. The tower range is suitable for a variety of operations such as:

  • Mobile Cell Site
  • Temporary CCTV Deployment
  • Tactical Long Range Camera System
  • Radio Ametur Application
  • Meteorological Application
  • Flood Light Applications

The range comes with a selection of exchangeable head-gear such as ring or star head frames for the cellular industry, slip ring, rotor head for radio amateurs, platforms for CCTV, side booms for anemometry etc.

The tower innner section slides on integrated phosphor bronze and stainless steel roller bearings preventing the tower ’sticking’ in high side winds. The tower will always be retractable regardless of the weather conditions.

It’s features includes a end-position locking system preventing any wiggle of the sections when fully extended. This unique facility allows the tower deflection parameters to be as if it was a fixed tower, specifically for use as long range camera platform or microwave radio links.

Our telescopic masts are produced using galvanised solid rod material making the tower slim and attractive yet, at the same time, solid with a high load and wind capability.

 Our telescopic masts are produced to the stringent production quality assurance program EN3834-2 facilitating full audited and treacable production history of the tower from steel mill to shipping. Individual Q&A documentation are recorded and stored in our works for the tower but can be printed on special request.

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