We Can provide You with a Full range of Communication Towers 

Lattice Towers, Street Works, Monopoles for Single user to Multi Operator Share Sites 

We provide a comprehensive range of towers and types for general communication and for mobile operators. The tower family is divided into: 
Lattice towers, solid rod members, ranging from 3m -187m (Single operator/Multi operator) 
Lattice towers, tubular members, ranging form 3m -250m (Single operator/Multi operator) 
Monopoles, ranging from 3m - 60m (Single operator/Multi operator) 
Streetworks , ranging from 10m-30m 
Camouflage poles, such as flag poles, ranging from 10m -25m 
Lattice towers, angular steel members, ranging up to 187m 
Telescopic towers of solid rod members up to 30m 
Towers we manufacture are 3 legged, lattice, or 4 legged lattice all depending on deflection and torsion criteria required.  
For the European market, we utilise Eurocode with the addition of national annex. Other design codes such as TIA can be provided on demand. We perform the structural calculation of towers in-house, or collaborate with recognised external engineers with years of experience in the field of structural tower calculation for offshore and onshore environment.  
NOTE: We specialise in communication towers for the offshore industry, say an offshore sub station for the renewables wind industry or oil platforms. Comprehensive dynamic (fatigue) analysis, including wave and wind in combinaiton of structure can be provided. 


Street works monopoles 

Consealed towers/poles 

Angular steel member lattice towers 

Telescopic towers 

Stub towers 

For many years we have also gained massive experience in structural calculation of towers for demanding environments, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, ice thickness and dynamically impacted structures subject to seismic activity.  
For the last three decades, Carl C. A/S, in collaboration with RADTech, has stood as a preferred telecommunications supplier in Europe. Within the UK market, we have furnished an extensive array of greenfield and rooftop sites for the former H3g, now rebranded as '3'. MBNL currently serves as their primary infrastructure provider, amalgamating the operations of '3', T-Mobile, and Orrange. 
Our journey in telecommunications commenced with the introduction of the NMT system in the 1980s, marked by numerous deliveries to TDC NET/DK, previously known as Statens Teletjeneste/DK. Subsequently, we contributed to establishing the GSM 900 network, followed by the advent of GSM 1800, the 3G network, UMTS, and the 4G network, LTE. 
The mobile telecommunications landscape is undergoing an explosive evolution. Presently, an increasing number of products and services operate in the online or digital domain, with the future promising even more advancements. To meet this growing demand, nearly a decade of development has been invested in 5G technologies. 5G represents a novel mobile network paradigm—an innovation platform poised not only to enhance existing mobile broadband services but also to expand the network's capabilities, supporting a diverse range of devices and services, including those yet to be conceptualized. 
Consequently, mobile telecommunication companies are compelled to enhance capacity and coverage, often necessitating the erection of several towers or consolidate multiple service provider into one single structure (share sites). Tower height varies based on multiple factors, typically falling within the range of 12 to 48 meters. Carl C. A/S specializes in supplying diverse types of communication towers tailored to these varying requirements. for now and the future. 
All our supplies are well documentet, now over 50 years in our extensive archives. Do not hesitate to ask fortechnical information about your asset provided by CarlC and RADTech. Just provide us with the towers serial number as per below immage and we will find it in our library. 
CarlC Tower Serial Number Plate
Back bone radio link tower being built in Dominican Republicfor the security authorities
Monopole Series MP230 by CarlC
15m Monopole Series MP230 by CarlC
CarlC monopole during installation just before lift
Unique extensive experience of communication towers design and manufacturing 
Confirmative design to Eurocode standard with national annex 
Confirmative design to TIA standard on request 
Deflection criteria as per client requirement, say 0.5% or 1% at full wind gust 
High level of corrosion protection, well in excess of ISO 1461 requirement 
Extensive foundation design and support, adhering to site conditions 
Comprehensive manufacturing record for the produce Comprehensive production and administrative quality assurance program such as EN 3834-2, EN1090-1, EN1090-2 for welded structures to Execution class 4 
Overarching production management system guarantee delivery on time 
Towers specified for your specific need 
UK: 020 84397626 
Int: +44 20 84397626 
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