Telescopic Tower for All Temporary Applications; Communication, Camera Surveillance, Radio Amateur, etc 

Wherever you need a temporary mast we have the solution - or you simply dont like to climb...  

A range of telescopic towers are available with unique features, never seen before. We are using inter section roller bearings, making the tower extremely stable at any height and more importantly compared to other telescopic design, the tower do not jam due to side wind. Our telescopic towers WILL come down in heavy side wind. 
It is a top-quality product designed for professional use in locations where function, quality and service life are a priority. Our telescopic tower range comes with a maximum height of 21 metres and consists of three sections as well as a tilt over stand. 
The tilt over stand is used to raise the mast from its horizontal resting point to its vertical position after which it is ready to be raised to its full height. All functions are carried out using auto break hand winches, optional electric winches. 
All sections of the mast are equipped with phosphor bronze guide rollers to ensure very precise movement. When the sections hit their top position, they are locked into place to prevent play. 
The towers are also fitted with a unique locking mechanism whereby the tower at full extension and the locking system engaged, act like a fixed tower. 
The medium duty telescopic tower range TES21 and TES15 is part of a family of towers designed to the latest BS, EU, DS and SE structural design specification. The tower range is suitable for a variety of operations such as: 
•Mobile Cell Site 
•Temporary CCTV Deployment 
•Tactical Long Range Camera System 
•Radio Amateur Application 
•Meteorological Application 
•Flood Light Applications 
The range comes with a selection of exchangeable head-gear such as ring or star head frames for the cellular industry, slip ring, rotor head for radio amateurs, platforms for CCTV, side booms for anemometry etc. 
The tower innner section slides on integrated phosphor bronze and stainless steel roller bearings preventing the tower ’sticking’ in high side winds. The tower will always be retractable regardless of the weather conditions. 
It’s features includes a end-position locking system preventing any wiggle of the sections when fully extended. This unique facility allows the tower deflection parameters to be as if it was a fixed tower, specifically for use as long range camera platform or microwave radio links. 
Our telescopic masts are produced using galvanised solid rod material making the tower slim and attractive yet, at the same time, solid with a high load and wind capability. 
Our telescopic masts are produced to the stringent production quality assurance program EN3834-2 facilitating full audited and treacable production history of the tower from steel mill to shipping. Individual Q&A documentation are recorded and stored in our works for the tower but can be printed on special request. 
Our telescopic towers can be used for stationary application where easy (ground) access is required to adjust or replace equipment at the top of the mast. The towers can also be used for mobile purposes as temporary communication site or as camera platform, flood light system etc. 
Please inquire for mobile trailer units to fit the application. 
Unique extensive experience of communication towers design and manufacturing 
Confirmative design to Eurocode standard with national annex 
Confirmative design to TIA standard on request 
High level of corrosion protection, well in excess of ISO 1461 requirement 
Comprehensive manufacturing record for the produce 
Comprehensive production and administrative quality assurance program such as EN 3834-2, EN1090-1, EN1090-2 for welded structures to Execution class 4. 
Extensive foundation design and support, adhering to site conditions 
Overarching production management system guarantee delivery on time 
Headframe to suit the application, be rotor interface, camera interface, antenna pole, etc. 
UK: 020 84397626 
Int: +44 20 84397626 
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