Tilt-Over Attachment for Monopoles and Lattice Towers for Railway Line Towers 

Remove hazard of operating with a crane near railway lines 

Introducing Tilt-Over Attachments for Monopoles and Lattice Towers in Hazardous Railway Line Applications 
Our collection of monopoles and lattice towers now features tilt-over attachments designed for towers up to 30m. Inquire with us for taller structures. 
This innovative system simplifies access by enabling the entire tower to be easily lowered for maintenance activities. Hydraulic rams, connected to the provided luffing bracketry, facilitate the effortless erection or lowering of the tower. Once the job is completed, the detachable rams can be utilized for other tower installations or maintenance tasks. 
Crafted from high-quality steel and galvanized to meet the most stringent standards, these attachments can also be painted in line with the tower in various RAL colors to seamlessly blend into their surroundings. 
For further details, please reach out to our sales offices in the UK or Denmark. 
Key Features: 
Suitable for standard height towers ranging from 9 to 30m 
Compatible with our standard monopole and lattice tower range 
Detachable hydraulic rams for versatile use 
Leveraging Over Half a Century of Expertise in Structural Tower Calculations 
With 54 years of extensive experience, we specialize in structural calculations for towers in challenging environments. Our expertise spans various demanding conditions, including extreme low temperatures, high winds, ice loads, and dynamically impacted structures exposed to seismic activity. 
While most towers are traditionally assembled on the ground and installed using a mobile crane, in situations where railway traffic closure is a concern, our innovative approach involves utilizing hydraulic rams. These rams enable the tower's safe lifting and lowering for maintenance without disrupting rail line operations. 
For further details about our specialized attachment and how we facilitate secure tower installations along railway lines or other projects where the use of a tower crane is restricted, please don't hesitate to inquire. 
Tilt-Over attachment with tower lowered
Close up of tilt-over attachment
Tilt-over attchment, rams installed
Tower erected, rams removed
Unique extensive experience of communication towers design and manufacturing 
Confirmative design to Eurocode standard with national annex 
Confirmative design to TIA standard on request 
High level of corrosion protection, well in excess of ISO 1461 requirement 
Comprehensive manufacturing record for the produce Comprehensive production and administrative quality assurance program such as EN 3834-2, EN1090-1, EN1090-2 for welded structures to Execution class 4. 
Overarching production management system by NAVISION guarantee delivery on time 
UK: 020 84397626 
Int: +44 20 84397626 
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