We Can provide You with a Series of Air Raid Siren Support Towers 

Siren and Civil Defence towers to suit your needs 

A range of siren support towers or civil defence towers are available, ranging from small roof top stubs of 3m all the way to 30m. Towers we manufacture are mainly 3 or 4 legged, lattice, or mono poles. For the European market, we utilise Eurocode with the addition of national annex. Other design codes such as TIA can be provided on request. We perform the structural calculation of towers in-house, or collaborate with recognised external engineers with years of experience in the field of structural tower calculation for application of siren towers and support structure. 
Each projects mechanical interface we provide are tailor made to the specific type of air raid siren to be used such as Whelen provided in the UK by 2CL Communications
For further system inquiry, please contact Graham Cole of 2CL Communications. 
For many years we have also gained massive experience in structural calculation of towers for demanding environments, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, ice thickness and dynamically impacted structures subject to seismic activity.  
Most self-supporting towers are assembled on the ground and lifted into place in one action using a mobile crane which is a unique feature, saving cost of crane hire. A second, smaller crane/fork-lift or tele-handler, is usually used to off-load the mast from the delivery lorry and to manoeuvre the sections and tower parts in place during assembly.  
WHELEN, WPS-2900 Series Siren System installed in Denmark
WHELEN WPS-2902 Series Siren System we directly interface to by CarlC tower series 3. 
CarlC precast foundation for CarlC Series 3 towers for Rankin Farms, UK
Siren Tower Installation in Skjern, Denmark
Unique extensive experience of siren towers design and manufacturing 
Confirmative design to Eurocode standard with national annex 
Confirmative design to TIA standard on request 
Deflection criteria as per client requirement, say 0.5% or 1% at full wind gust 
High level of corrosion protection, well in excess of ISO 1461 requirement 
Extensive foundation design and support, adhering to site conditions 
Comprehensive manufacturing record for the produce Comprehensive production and administrative quality assurance program such as EN 3834-2, EN1090-1, EN1090-2 for welded structures to Execution class 4. 
Overarching production management system guarantee delivery on time. 
Siren towers are perfectly suited for deployment using our pre-cast foundation system , enabling full installation of the complete system in one day. No wait for concrete curing. 'Dig-fit-backfill-erect tower' All in one day saving exceptional expense of installation. 

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