We Can provide You with light weight (AI), flat packed towers and masts by Vårgårda Radio 

Vargarda (AI) Towers and Mast for 'Light Weight' Applications 

We represent Vargarda Radio of Sweden, manufacturing lightweight, flat-packed aluminium towers and masts for ease of transport and assembly. The M38W triangular tower comes in 3-meter sections that bolt together to achieve various heights up to 100+ meters, although common configurations range from 6 to 30 meters. 
Assembly of the low-weight towers is straightforward with the included stainless-steel fasteners (6mm and 10mm). The material for the member used is the strong 6000-series aluminium alloy (6082-T6), able to withstands harsh environments, including seaside and marine environments. Towers heights over 12 meters require guy wires for support, with a single level at 18 meters sufficing. Above 21-meter-high tower, we recommend guy levels at 9 meters and 18 meters. Additional guying should be added for every 9 meters above 21-meter heights. 
We provide tower statics and drawings upon request for area of deployment to assist planning and guying. A range of accessories and customizable parts are also available, including top tubes, side booms, side attachments, holders, tube cross plates, and application-specific designs. Please inquire for details. NOTE that we operate predominantly in the professional environment, however welcome enquiries from radio amateurs interested in a light weight semi fixed tower like Vargarda M38W. 
For the European market, we utilise Eurocode with the addition of national annex. Other design codes such as TIA can be provided on demand. We perform the structural calculation of towers in-house or collaborate with recognised external engineers with years of experience in the field of structural tower calculation for offshore (dynamic) and onshore environment. 
Installed Vargarda mast M38W at M0WCO contest group
Kevin @ M0WCO contest group lifting a light weight 3m, 17kg, section M38W
Top of MW38W, cut for rotator and top tube
Kevin @ M0WCO contest group rolling away 6m, M38W a 2 x 3m top section with rotator on a trolly
For many years we have also gained massive experience in structural calculation of towers for demanding environments, such as extremely low temperatures, strong winds, ice thickness and dynamically impacted structures subject to seismic activity.  
Most self-supporting communication towers are assembled on the ground and lifted into place in one action using a mobile crane which is a unique feature, saving cost of crane hire. A second, smaller crane/fork-lift or tele-handler, is usually used to off-load the mast from the delivery lorry and to manoeuvre the sections and tower parts in place during assembly. Guy-wire masts can be erected a section at a time with the help of a crane or by using a ‘jib stick’ to hoist the sections into place by aid of a ground based winch. And why not use one of our recommended novel winch systems by LIMPET. Direct mast to LIMPET mechanical interface is available from LIMPET. 
Unique extensive experience of communication towers design and manufacturing 
Confirmative design to Eurocode standard with national annex 
Confirmative design to TIA standard on request 
Deflection criteria as per client requirement, say 0.5% or 1% at full wind gust 
High level of corrosion protection, well in excess of ISO 1461 requirement 
Extensive foundation design and support, adhering to site conditions 
Comprehensive manufacturing record for the produce Comprehensive production and administrative quality assurance program such as EN 3834-2, EN1090-1, EN1090-2 for welded structures to Execution class 4. 
Overarching production management system guarantee delivery on time 
Antenna headframe for single user, share site, microwave dishes etc 
UK: 020 84397626 
Int: +44 20 84397626 
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