We can provide you with first class meteorological system for large and mall scale PV Farms 

Tower and Meteorological System for Photovoltaic Farms 

We proud ourselves to be one of the leading providers of advanced, first class, meteorological systems for the PV farm industry.  
We provide the latest advancement in instrumentation adhering to the latest IEC norm. First class is the norm… All the instruments we provide are methodically documented, wind tunnel calibrated on request in Europe largest wind tunnel in accordance with MEASNET. Featiuring: 
Measures Global, Horizontal, Plane of Array & Background Irradiance 
Measures Wind Speed & Direction, Ambient Temperature, & Relative Humidity 
Includes a Surface Mounted Thermistor or RTD Probe to Measure Solar Panel Temperature 
Utilizes Ammonit or Campbell Scientific Series of Data Logger 
Supports TCP/IP, DHCP Configuration 
Supports Serial (RS-232C/ 422/ 485, MODBUS) & Analog (0-1V, 0-5V, 4-20mA) Output 
Modular and Customisable for added services and components 
Prefabricated foundation for swift, one day deployment of tower 
We provide pre-calibration and post calibration of anemometers, wind vanes, pressure sensor etc as per your requirements. 
We provide a novel attitude to our design, incorporating condition monitoring solutions to our weather stations, including optionally fully gimballed spherical high zoom CCTV camera(s). Communication systems can be terrestrial GSM/GPRS/LTI or any satellite constellation suitable for the application and deployment site. Fibre optic for permanent on-shore system. Given our lengthy experience in the industry, you can rely on first class selection of instruments, cables, connectors, integration, etc. The standard of our is unbeatable. 
IEC 61400-12-1 Ed 2 compliant instrumentation 
MEASNET calibration of anemometers in large wind tunnel 
First Class wind instruments, fully IEC 61400-12-1 Ed 2 compliant 
UV Stable cabling 
Swiss ‘watch maker’ quality standard connectors 
Condition monitoring of system (temp/humidity/power system/intrusion/etc) 
Optimised storage battery system 
Mains power system 
Off grid PV or Fuel Cell power solutions 
Data Collection and validation services 
Secure data storage of collected met-data 
Data Visualisation 
Precision horisontality adjustnment and chack of instrument boom for met-tower
Charge control panel for Hornsea OWF met-tower
Typical Installation of anemometer for met-tower
Data logger panel for meteorological application
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Int: +44 20 84397626 
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